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Serious & Catastrophic Injury Claims Court of Protection Clinical Negligence Family Law Employment Law
Wills & Powers of Attorney Civil Litigation Probate Advocacy & Inquests Conveyancing

Serious & Catastrophic Injury Claims


Serious & Catastrophic Injury Claims

If you have suffered an injury as a result of an accident in the last 3 years that wasn't your fault, we'll help you with your claim for compensation. DGR Law has 24 years experience of representing Clients in complex cases to recover damages for serious and catastrophic injury. We can help you with:

Catastrophic and brain injury
Accidents at work
Road traffic accidents
Accidents on holiday
Slipping, tripping and falling
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Sporting injuries
Injuries caused by animals
Industrial disease
Defective products

Court of Protection


Court of Protection, Deputyship Services and Lasting Powers of Attorney

We accept instructions to act as Professional Deputies and are always happy to discuss individual cases on a no-obligation basis. We have experience of acting in high value personal injury or clinical negligence cases where loss of capacity has occurred and it is essential for the Deputy to work closely with the legal team recovering compensation, prior to settlement of the claim. We can also help preparing applications on behalf of prospective Deputies, liaising with the Court of Protection regarding applications and assisting deputies.

Clinical Negligence


Clinical Negligence

If you are unfortunate enough to have suffered an injury as the result of negligent medical treatment then we can help you to claim compensation for your injury and suffering. Claims for clinical negligence are a highly specialised area. DGR Law have over 22 years experience in dealing with minor and serious clinical negligence claims. Please seek advice quickly as there are fairly short, strict time limits for making complaints to the health care provider. We can help you with:

Birth Injuries
Brain & Catastrophic Injuries

Family Law


Family Law – Divorce, Separation and Children

We are experienced in representing Clients in all aspects of family breakdown and provide a sympathetic and understanding but professional service, to enable you to resolve your situation as quickly as possible and in a way which is fair and acceptable to you. We will encourage solutions which are in the best interests of the whole family, in a non-confrontational manner. We can assist you with:-

Civil Partnership Dissolution
Prenuptial Agreements
Financial Settlement
Matrimonial Home Rights
Domestic Violence
Children Matters
Rights of Occupation

Employment Law


Employment Law For Employees

Employment issues are stressful and if you have an ongoing problem at work it is hard to know what to do for the best. We will support you through the process, offering straight forward legal advice on your employment rights and the best route through your dispute. You should seek advice quickly as employment disputes have short and strict time limits in which to bring a claim.

Employment Law For Employers

We can assist you with all your legal obligations towards your employees, from advising on health and safety matters through to drafting employment contracts. We will also ensure you comply with the redundancy process, disciplinary and dismissal matters, through to representing your interests at a tribunal.

The services we provide include: -

Employment contracts
Restriction clauses advice
Discrimination claims
Unfair dismissal claims
Wrongful Dismissal
Disciplinary and Capability processes and policies
Redundancy processes and policies
Settlement Agreements

Civil Litigation


Civil litigation and Dispute Resolution

We have considerable experience representing Clients in civil litigation and dispute resolution cases including: -

Land & Property Disputes – Boundary disputes, Restrictive covenants and easements
Contract Disputes
Debt recovery
Director, Shareholder and Partnership Disputes
Insurance Disputes
Professional negligence
Contested Wills

Wills & Powers of Attorney


Wills & Powers of Attorney

When a person dies without having left a valid will, the law sets out rules which determine how the deceased's estate is to be distributed. Did you know that, if you are married and have not made a will, your spouse may not receive the whole of your estate? By making a will with us, you can be certain that the items of value to you are left to those you love and that your money and assets which you have spent your whole life acquiring are left to the people you choose. We can assist you with the following:-

Letters of Wishes
Severance of Joint Tenancy
Lasting Powers of Attorney
Advice on Care Home Fees
Inheritance Tax mitigation

We can also advise you on, and incorporate into your will, a trust which will enable you to split the value of your property, for the purpose of reducing inheritance tax and care home fees.




If you have been named as an Executor in the Will of someone who has died, or if you are the next of kin to a person who has died without leaving a Will, we can help you with the legal and practical obligations involved in dealing with the deceased's affairs, from obtaining Probate, to assisting you with death registration and funeral arrangements. And if you are struggling to manage any day-to-day, household tasks that may have been carried out by the deceased, we can also provide practical assistance to you personally, or put you in touch with specialists who can help you overcome any immediate difficulties. We can provide fixed fees and help you with:

Obtaining the Grant
Completing Tax Forms
Notifying Organisations
Post-Death Variations
Your own Welfare
Property Transfers
Sale of Property
Arranging House Clearance
Storage of Belongings

Advocacy & Inquests


Advocacy & Inquests

We have considerable experience representing Clients at Court including Inquests and provide a range of Advocacy services.



With over 22 years experience, we can assure you of the best service for your property sale or purchase. As members of the Law Society's Conveyancing Quality Scheme we are recognised for our high standards of service and client care. We offer an efficient, friendly and reliable service to all our conveyancing clients and frequently receive recommendations from existing clients and local estate agents. Most importantly, we keep our clients informed throughout the transaction and have had excellent feedback on our unique and transparent online case tracking facility. We can assist with:

Freehold and Leasehold
Sale and Purchase
Transfers of Equity
Severance of Joint Tenancy

All of our residential conveyancing transactions carry Residential Abortive Transaction Insurance, so that if the transaction fails to complete for any reason outside your control, you can reclaim up to £1,500 of your legal, survey and mortgage costs.

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