Wills & Powers of Attorney

When a person dies without having left a valid will, the law sets out rules which determine how the deceased's estate is to be distributed. Did you know that, if you are married and have not made a will, your spouse may not receive the whole of your estate? By making a will with us, you can be certain that the items of value to you are left to those you love and that your money and assets which you have spent your whole life acquiring are left to the people you choose. We can assist you with the following:-

  • Wills
  • Letters of Wishes
  • Severance of Joint Tenancy
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Advice on Care Home Fees
  • Inheritance Tax mitigation

We can also advise you on, and incorporate into your will, a trust which will enable you to split the value of your property, for the purpose of reducing inheritance tax and care home fees.